Providing Sacramento's Legal Community Smooth Sailing Since 1981

db Ronk provides a wide range of Legal and Technology services for the Northern California area.

From locating witnesses to videotaping accident scenes and depositions, to preparing all of your discovery material for trial and mediations and much more.  db Ronk is here to produce, organize and present all the materials criticial to proving your case! 

If you need something done and done right, db Ronk is the company you need.  Call us at 916-455-7363 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Every time someone has used db Ronk in the courtroom, the verdict was in their favor!

db Ronk is your guardian tech in the courtroom.  When technology failure is not an option, db Ronk is there to guarantee that it won't happen!  With db Ronk in the courtroom with you, you can count on the following:

  • All of the equipment needed is available and working at top capacity
  • All of your exhibits, transcripts, videos and other presentation material is organized and available within a moment's notice
  • Your presentations will captivate the jurors and allow them to easily understand your case.

See what Visionary can bring to your practice

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Video Services

The video division of db Ronk & Company, Inc., has been operating since 1983. We have videotaped over 20,000 depositions, and have also contributed to the growth and development of the video deposition field in the Greater Sacramento Area.

Our video division is primarily set up to conduct video depositions. However, we also videotape accident reconstructions, product examinations, independent medical examinations, both video and audio, property loss examinations, and produce and videotape day in the life of documentaries.

All of our video operators are notaries, as required by the California Code of Civil Procedure. We maintain our own editing studio, which allows us to do editing, voice over and duplicating within our own facility.

We have a good, long-standing working relationship with, and are referred by the majority of court reporting firms in Sacramento and outlying areas, including Lodi, Stockton, Dixon, Fairfield, Woodland, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Placerville, Napa, Oakland and San Francisco, and many others. Travel charges apply to areas requiring more than one-half hour of travel.

An audiocassette of the entire deposition is made and provided as a courtesy to the court reporter at no charge. If desired, a direct audio feed can be provided to the court reporter in addition to an audiocassette.

Video Services Include:

  • Video Depositions (LiveFeed available upon request)
  • Video Deposition Formats Available - VHS, SVHS, Digital Hi8, Mini DV Digital
  • Products Inspections
  • Destructive Testing Inspections
  • Property/Residential-Commercial Inspections
  • Day in the Life Documentaries
  • Photographs Taken from Video
  • Duplication and Editing - Duplication of video depositions and other video recordings. Editing depositions for use at trial, arbitration, mediation, and settlement conferences
  • Transfer of video footage to VHS, CD-ROM, DVD-Data and DVD Video
  • Syncing of deposition transcripts to video, which can be used with Visionary, Sanction, Trial Director, Live Note, and other trial presentation programs.
  • Audio Dubbing - Standard, Microcassette, Minicassette and Reel to Reel

Investigation Services

Investigative Services

db Ronk & Company, Inc., was established as a corporation in 1981, and primarily deals in personal injury and products liability civil investigation for both plaintiff and defense. Our staff consists of experienced civil investigators, with law enforcement background as well as people skills.

db Ronk & Company, Inc., has the ability to develop extensive current and background information concerning individuals and companies. This may include address information, assessor's records, bankruptcies, liens and judgments, credit and criminal histories, as well as other related information.

Investigative Services Include:

  • Personal Injury and Product Liability Investigation
  • Other Civil Matters
  • Service of Process
  • Accident Reconstruction / Photography / Video
  • Subrosa
  • Locate

Transcription Services Available

  • Transcription available from most formats, including audio-CD, micro-audiocassette, mini-audiocassette and standard audiocassettes.

Civil Investigation Fee Schedule:

  • Our basic investigation rates are $90.00 per hour, and $.55 per mile. Charges for outside source information varies, however, our charge reflects the actual cost for these source charges, plus our time. This investigation rate includes accident investigation, accident scene photography, interviewing of witnesses, recorded statements, consulting, and other related services. We primarily deal in personal injury and products liability civil investigation.
  • Surveillance/Subrosa rate is $90.00 per hour, for one operative, second operative (if needed) is $45.00 per hour, and $.55 per mile.
  • Basic rate for service of process is $55 per hour (plus mileage at $.55 per mile). With complex service of process that may require investigation efforts to locate individuals or businesses, the hourly rate increases. Such increase is calculated on a case by case basis. When expedited service of process is required, such as in the event of a rush trial subpoena, the hourly rate may also be increased.

Live Feed

LiveFeed Direct:

LiveFeed Direct is a transcript work tool that allows one to receive a live feed from a reporter providing real-time services.

  • Automatically identify key words as the transcript is created and mark transcripts with user-defined issues
  • Tailor the topic list to fit your case
  • Easily read back the transcript and search for key testimony.
  • At the end of the event, import the transcript with all of your notes and annotations directly into Visionary.

LiveFeed Direct does not require any tokens or monthly fees. There are two ways to access LiveFeed Direct.

  • Make sure your court reporter has the ability to enable LiveFeed for you at your next deposition or hearing.
  • Make LiveFeed available at any time by purchasing Visionary Professional™.

Live Feed Remote:

Pack a bag, call a cab, catch a plane, rent a car, book a room. Sounds exhausting and costly! Attend the deposition with LiveFeed Remote. Watch the live video and a transcript on your computer from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. No software or hardware to purchase.

  • Witness the deposition LIVE from any internet connection
  • Save time and expense of traveling
  • Easily include remote experts with secure internet connections
  • Participate in the deposition with live chat interaction
  • Automatically identify key words as the transcript is created and mark transcripts with user-defined issues
  • Transcript import directly into Visionary.

For more information about Livefeed, either Direct and/or Remote, contact us by phone or email.